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Solving the Friend Zone – June 28, 2018

Riddle Breaks the Mold on Singles Nights With ‘Solving The Friend Zone’ on June 28th

MASHPEE – What’s a better way to get to know somebody: Solving a series of brain-twisting riddles with them or awkwardly chatting over drinks at the bar?

Everyone faces the challenge of getting to know new people on the Cape, and riddle is here to help singles meet the special someone and couples expand their circle of friends in one fun, action-packed night. Riddle is pleased to announce ‘Solving the Friend Zone’, a new take on singles nights and date night happening on June 28th at 6:00 PM , a different way to meet new people on Cape Cod.

Attendees will be matched up into escape rooms with other like-minded attendees – singles ready to mingle, or couples hoping to meet new friends – putting them in an environment where instant teamwork and collaboration is necessary to escape the room – or failure awaits. After their games, attendees are encouraged to head over to Siena Restaurant, where their first round of drinks and pizza are included in the cost of the ‘Solving the Friend Zone’ ticket.

Couples are encouraged to attend to meet new friends, and (especially) to bring along their single friends in an effort to lower the awkwardness factor of ‘singles nights,’ and to make the event a fun, friendly environment.

“We wanted to have a singles night but do it differently, without the awkwardness that is traditionally associated with one – fairly or unfairly.” says Ashley Lancaster, co-owner of riddle. “Our goal is to create a welcoming, friendly environment where everyone can feel relaxed and comfortable so they can get to know someone new, and hopefully have a lot of fun while doing it!”

We hope you will join us as we escape our comfort zone and enter the friend zone! To purchase your tickets,  Click HERE then navigate to gift voucher, click on the down arrow and select Friend Zone or give us a ring at 508-648-7664 and we’ll be happy to assist.