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Mission: Homeland

You are an employee of the D.O.D., working for PAVE PAWS to protect the eastern seaboard from foreign threats and incoming missiles. You have long suspected one of your co-workers to be a double agent, working for Russia. You break into his office only to discover the truth: he IS a double agent and he has jammed the radar system giving the Russians a clear path to launch their nuclear missiles at the United States. You have 60 minutes to re-activate the warning system, launch the counterattack and save your homeland from becoming a nuclear wasteland. Are you America’s next hero?

WARNING: This game features special effects which may include  but. Is not limited to smoke, loud noises and other really cool tricks. If you don’t think that’s for you, give us a call and we can make a suitable game recommendation!

Maximum players: 8

SOLVE RATE: 11.2 %

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