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Like, Totally the ‘80s to the Max!

Get ready for a bitchin’ time! Welcome back to the 80s– before the internet existed and Facebook’s founder was still in diapers. The Donald was just a businessman with his original hair (we think). Prince and Madonna were illin’ and acid wash denim was never considered grody to the max. It was totally tubular, for sure, but how long before you’re ready to get back to binge watching GOT, tweeting, and taking way to many pictures of your food that no one wants to see? You have 60 minutes to escape Heathers bedroom, a like, totally average teen from the 80s’, while figuring out how to get back to present day. If you don’t, you’ll forever be without your smartphone, Snapchat, and Starbucks. Can you get back to the future?

Maximum players: 6


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