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1920’s Paris: A Moveable Mystery

You are an acclaimed journalist working for The Evening Post and have been sent to Paris on assignment to interview Ernest Hemingway. You spend the evening with him at Devinette de café listening to stories of The Lost Generation. Not wanting to offend your subject, you join him in consuming copious amounts of absinthe, only to wake up the next morning to the news of a murder in the very cafe you were in last night. It’s fuzzy but bits and pieces of the event come back to you. You look for your notes from the interview and discover you must have left them at the cafe. You need to get into the cafe and find your notes to solve the murder. Your job depends on it. You have 60 minutes before your ship back to the US departs. Can you make it in time to arrive home with the story of a lifetime?

Maximum players: 5


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