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Mobile Adventure Game

Pili Island is a mobile adventure game designed for up to 50 people. With it’s tiki theme and clever puzzles, it is the perfect activity for corporations, birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, schools, clubs and special events. With Pili Island, we bring the adventure to you!

The story goes that the Riddler of Pili Island is known throughout the villages for playing pranks and games, but his latest riddle has upset Tãwhirimãtea, the god of weather.

Last night before fleeing Pili Island, the Riddler snuck through the villages and locked up all the Little Tikis who represent Tāwhirimātea’s children.  This prank has angered Tāwhirimātea causing a fierce storm to form over the island threatening today’s beloved village celebrations. Each Little Tiki is responsible for various weather elements like squalls, hailstorms, and rain.  The village chiefs hope that once the Little Tikis are returned, Tãwhirimãtea will be calmed, the weather will clear and the celebrations will occur!

The Riddler left a series of clues located all over the island knowing you islanders LOVE to solve a good puzzle. But this time, has he gone to far?

It is up to you to locate, unlock, and return the Little Tikis before the hour is up! Do you have what it takes to calm Tãwhirimãtea?

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