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Floodgate Was No April Fools Joke!

“Are you guys excited?” he said. “YES!” we exclaimed. “You will never get these two days back, this is a once is a life time experience, opening a new business. You guys have worked hard, this is going to be great!” he said. “We are so tired, running completely on adrenaline but we are so ready, and so psyched!” we gushed.


Well, hopefully our PR guru was right: we will never get those two days back! The Universe and history can have them because no matter how much you prepare, how ready you are, how much work and time and love and energy and planning and effort you have put into opening a new business, you can’t compete with Mother Nature’s plan. And what a plan she had!


We walked into our amazing brand spanking new building at about 7am on April 1st. No Fools. Or was it? We were beyond excited: excited for the elaborate and festive grand opening we had planned, excited to open our doors for business,  but most of all, excited to share the exhilaration of completing an Escape Room Game with our new customers. We were booked for the weekend, we were psyched to make people happy. We’re people pleasers, it’s what we do best!


What we didn’t realize, however, is that our building wasn’t feeling the same. Our building was not ready, not prepared and in its weakness, allowed a breach that the driving spring rain penetrated with a vengeance. Somehow, those “April Showers” found their way under our interior walls and flooded our game rooms.


“This is an April Fools joke right?” they said, when we called to cancel our new customers’ bookings. The disappointment in their voices was loud and clear and their total compassion and understanding almost broke us down. But we stayed strong, call after call canceling our games for the day.  People were coming for birthday celebrations, Girls’ Weekend, family gatherings. We are not good at letting people down and hopefully when the source of “Floodgate” is found, we will never have to again.


Sunday was a new day: the sun was shining and the Grand Opening Scavenger Hunt was a huge success. Our incredible staff dressed in costumes appropriate to the theme of each of our games and throughout Mashpee Commons you could encounter a Pirate, a 1920’s Newsboy, a Vampire, a Candy Girl, an 80’s girl and a Russian Spy. They became their characters and did a fabulous job at it, receiving rave reviews from all who played!


We want to issue a HUGE thank you to everyone whose games needed to be rescheduled, for your kindness and well wishes and most of all your understanding.

We are going to consider April 1st a not so dry run for our NEW Grand Opening which will happen towards the end of May. We will be dry, the sun will be shining and all the grand festivities including winning lots of prizes, will happen! Right, Mother Nature?!

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