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Meet the Riddle Staff

Meet Riddle’s Staff of Escape Room Game Masters!

Our entire staff is comprised of wonderful, upbeat individuals who are just as excited about the Cape’s only escape room as we are!

Meet our team:

Rob Hanner

“I took this photo while on an amusement park ride in Florida. I made custom T-shirts for my friends with markers to celebrate the opening of a new roller coaster. I didn’t think about whether or not the ink I used was water proof. It wasn’t! We realized this after stepping off a water ride. Seeing each other in messy, indecipherable shirts was hilarious, until we realized what T-shirts cost at theme parks!”

Izzy Youmans

“Hi my name is Izzy and like most, high school started on the worst note possible for me, I had just moved here and hadn’t been to the school yet so I was 10 minutes late. I was panicking, my heart was racing, and I was yelling at my mom in the front who couldn’t  figure out where she’s supposed to drop me off. “Just let me out, let me out!” I yelled. She eventually opted to listen to me and kissed me as I sprinted to the door, all the while checking to make sure I had everything. My fingers reached for the school buzzer, all I could hear was the thump thump of my heart in my ears. Buzzzzzzzzz.

“Hi, can you state your name and grade?”

Thump thump, thump thump. “My name is Isabella, I’m late and I’m new… Oh and I’m in 9th grade.” Thump thump, thump thump. The buzzer rang and managed to bump my bag on the doors and get caught in the second set of doors on the way to the office. Thump thump, thump thump.

“Your class is on the second floor, first class on the left if you go up the staircase over there. Good Luck!”

I nodded and tried to walk as casually as I could. I was halfway up the stairs when the announcements started. Thump thump, thump thump. I turned left and peeked into the room, taking a deep breath. I went to open the door and suddenly someone pushed it shut. I looked around, my mind screaming ‘oh my God, I’ve already been kicked out…’ The door opened again as I’m looking down the hallway for a solution when suddenly someone pulls me by the backpack into the classroom. Everyone standing up, hands over their hearts. The big hands that had pulled me in were my teacher’s… Great. To recover, I go to the empty seat in the room and I’m tugged again. I look him in the face and he gestures to put my hand over my heart and be quiet. Thump thump, thump thump. “And now for the sports”. Everyone slumped back into their desks and my teacher let go of my backpack. I go to sit down and the room is watching me. I thought it must have been the commotion earlier, curious to know who I was and why I was late. Which is when I looked down. I had egg for breakfast and the only way to eat them is with ketchup, the curse was there to haunt me with a bright red stain on the skirt I was wearing.

That’s the story of my first day in high school, which goes to show everyone has a bad day and their own series of unfortunate events which is why I’ll always do my best to make your experience at Riddle as entertaining and fun as it can be. Who wants to go to have fun and be met with the same problems of the day that you came to escape from?

Graham Kaletsky

“Iv’e always wanted to do a food challenge, whenever I see a restaurant that does one, I always get excited picturing myself just gorging on whatever amount of food they wish to put in front of me. Having never been able to put my stomach where my mouth is, my friends challenged me to a challenge of their creation. That was, 100 chicken McNuggets in one hour, I went to purchase my McNuggets and the cashier asked me if they were all for me…”Uhhh no, they are for my friends too.” “Oh good!” He laughed as he handed me the feast of fried chicken. I ate the nuggets with BBQ sauce to help them go down easier, I also was drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated throughout. On that day……I failed. I ate about 65 nuggets before throwing in the grease stained towel. Ashamed for having eating that many nuggets, and not even completing the challenge. “

Johnny Robinson


“I played Seymour in Barnstable high school’s production of Little Shop Of Horrors. I have been method acting ever since by feeding people to my plants. “Feed me Seymour!””


Russell Labbe

“If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immedeate, and often your greater dreams are something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, stop for there is no futility even in death.” – Monty Oum

“Aaron is a starving animator who likes long walks on the beach, cold weather camping, and grilled cheese. He wants everyone at Riddle to have a good time!”

Dj Duarte

“I am the newest game master here at Riddle!.”

From all of us here at Riddle, we can’t wait to meet you! Reserve your escape room now.