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OUR mission is to provide you with the opportunity to put down the electronics, leave the real world behind and have a blast spending 60 minutes of quality time with your family, friends and colleagues in a live action adventure game.

What is Riddle?
Riddle is an Escape Room consisting of five different games, located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. An Escape Room, (also called Escape Game, Escape Room Game or Mystery Room) is a live action adventure game for people ages 10 to 110. Players are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to complete a mission by solving a series of puzzles, riddles and connecting clues.

Every game at Riddle has a unique theme with puzzles integrated into the storyline. Solve rates vary, so use your wit, your creativity, your inquisitiveness and problem solving skills to flow through the game. Work together as a team and you will increase your chances of successfully completing YOUR mission.

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